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Raj Shyama Construction Pvt. Ltd

Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd. established in the Year, 2003 by Shri Tapesh Tyagi, is counted among the leading Road constructions companies in Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and within few years Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd. has succeeded in powerfully anchoring itself in the U.P., Uttrakhand highway section and today enjoys a solid reputation in the Road Constructions section. The Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in carrying the landmark Road Projects in several states. The company has the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality and creating new opportunities without compromising on work quality and punctuality. Our business currently focuses on various projects which include constructions of Roads, Highways and Bridges. Today Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd. hassuccessfully constructed more than 6000 Lane Km of road & Highways (both State and National Highways) while 500 Lane km are under various stages of construction. Rajshyama Constructions Pvt. Ltd. We partner with various developmental agencies and Governments including the Union and State Governments in implementing their infrastructure development projects in India. We got opportunity to work with highly reputed clients of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand like Public Works department, N.H.A.I., N.B.C.C and Lanco Infrastructure Ltd. etc.

Directors Message

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Rajshyama constructions family. Being the part of this industry from a long time I have noticed that innovative ideas and concepts are needed to be hatched to give proper satisfaction to our clients. Innovation is the Rajshyama focus for raising the bar on growth & performance thinking out of the box & generating new ideas is our Mantra for always staying ahead. These creative ideas can come from anywhere at any level in the Organization. But taken collectively whether they are “Small” or “Big” ideas they all impact the company .

Our Team

We have expertise in the execution and construction of infrastructure projects with the help of our specialized team of professionals who have executed multiple construction projects in past which provides us with an competitive edge.

Our Projects

We have undertaken several construction and Infrastructure development projects.Highlighting some of projects successfully completed and currently in progress and some ambitious upcoming projects.

List of Major Projects Successfully Completed

  • Widening of existing intermediate lane carriage way to two lane carriageway of NH-91A (New NH No. 234) in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Improvement of Riding Quality of NH-232A (New NH No. 31) Unnao Lalganj Road
  • Widening, Improvement of Riding Quality from Ch.0.000 to 1.500 Km and Raising from Ch. 1.500 to 11.000 Km. of Saifai to Saifai Airport Road
  • Widening and Strengthening of Narsan – Harjoli Jat – Mundlana – Landhora – Zorasi –Budahedi – Badheri Rajputana Motor Road Under CRF
  • Constructions of Bypass Connecting to NH-24 via SH-78 to MHD Road SH-49 in Moradabad
  • Improvement of Riding Quality from Km. 0.00 to 46.00 of NH-931 (Pratapgarh-Amethi-Gauriganj-Musafirkhana-Jagdishpur Road) in the State of Uttar Pradesh
  • Strengthening of Fatehpur – Muzaffarabad – Kalsia Road Km. 27 to 47 in Distt. Saharanpur under SRF
  • Strengthening of Masoori-Daulana-Gulawati Road in Km. 1 to 27.320
  • Wideing & Strengthening of Delhi-Bareilly - Lucknow Road for Four Lane (Hapur City Portion) Old NH-24 in Year 2013-14
  • Reconstruction/Upgradation Work of Road including Bypass at Municipal Corporation Limits of Sitarganj (Uttarakhand)
  • Widening and Strengthening of Puhana – Iqbalpur – Jhabreda –Gurkul Narsan Motor Road In Distt. Haridwar under State Sector
  • Widening and Strengthening of Bahadarabad-Dhanauri-Bedpur-Imlikhera-Hakimpur Turra-Bhagwanpur-Gagalheri (Km. 1 to Km. 29.15) under Ardh Kumbh Mela 2016 in Distt.- Haridwar, Uttrakhand
  • Strengthening Work from Km. 31.00 to 61.50 of NH-334A (Purkaji-Laksar-Haridwar Road) in the state of Uttarakhand
  • Construction of Four Lanning widening of Unnao Kanpur Road with Cycle Track/Service Lane SH-58 (Ch. 3.100 to 15.800) (Length 12.70 Km.)
  • Widening & Strengthening in Four Lane from Km. 414.00 to 419.00 of NH-91 (New NH-34) in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Construction of Road & Drain, Development work Phase-II, Package-III, SIIDCUL Sitarganj
  • Rehabilitation and up-gradation of Morena-Sabalgarh Road Section of SH-2 from existing Ch Km. 0/10 to Km. 72/6 as two lane with paved hard shoulder in the state of Madhya Pradesh on EPC mode

List of Major Projects In-Progress

  • Construction of High Level Bridge (No.9/1) over Sonali River in Km. 9 of NH-72A (New NH-307), Chhutmalpur-Dehradun Road, in the State of Uttar Pradesh
  • Widening and Strengthening of Bijnor-Noorpur-Chhajlet Road (Length 71.125 Km.) to connect District Head Quarter Bijnor with 4 lane Road in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Widening & Strengthening of Meerut Badaun Road (SH-18) Km. 158 to Ghonsli Raja via Mithanpur Road
  • Construction of 2 Lane ROB on LC No.524(Chudiyala) in Distt. Haridwar under CRF 2015-16
  • Reconstruction of Narrow and Damaged 29 Culverts and Minor Bridge between Km. 3/8 to 87 on NH-86 (New Nh-934) Sagar - Chhatarpur Road in the State of Madhya Pradesh
  • Construction of Internal Roads, RCC Drains RCC Box Culverts and other related works of Sector-12 for Saraswati Hitech City, Naini, Allahabad
  • Construction of Internal Roads, RCC Drains RCC Box Culverts and other related works of Sector-9, 12A, 14 for Saraswati Hitech City, Naini, Allahabad
  • Strengthening work from Km. 134.00 TO 194.00 on NH-707A in the state of Uttrakhand under Annual Plan 2016-17
  • Upgradation of Control & Protection System and replacement of different substations equipments (Phase-2)” under package A (i.e. Supply, Erection and commissioning of various equipments like Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Current Transformer, CVT, Surge Arrestor & PT etc, at Various Substations at Kumaon & Garhwal Zone under PSDF Scheme) against tender document No. PTCUL/E-tender/C&P/SS-16/2016-17

List of Major Projects to be Started

  • Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Lakhimpur-Sisiya section (Km. 140.000 to Km.188.800) of NH-730 in the State of Uttar Pradesh to two-lanes with paved shoulder on EPC mode
  • Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Khutar-Lakhimpur section (Km. 82.000 to Km.140.000) of NH-730 in the State of Uttar Pradesh to two-lanes with paved shoulder on EPC mode
  • All Weather Road Under Char Dham Yojna Widening and reconstruction of existing intermediate/2-lane to 2 lane with paved shoulder configuration from existing km 300.000(design km 296.500) to km 338.000 (design km 333.400) of NH-58 in the State of Uttarakhand through an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract

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